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Advice from a sports photographer


This website is designed to help anyone driven to learn more about sports photography. I’m of the opinion that the best way to learn is through real world experience: the more you photograph sports, the better you will get. My goal here is to provide insight into how I approach sports photography, along with the processes inside my camera and mind while shooting. The advice I give here comes from my own personal experiences of trial and error, some personal opinions, and working with other professional photographers and editors.

My name is Eakin and I am a freelance photographer in California. I love what I do, and I love sharing my knowledge with others. After all, teaching and photography runs in my family. This includes my great-great-great-uncle, Frank Eugene, who became one of the first university photography professors in the world!

Nikon D4 | 600mm f/4 | 1/2000 | f/4 | ISO 360
Shot for the Lincoln Journal Star

If you need help learning the photography basics, there are plenty of online resources from articles to YouTube videos that will get you on your way. My lessons will assume you already have a basic understanding of how a camera works and what the Shutter Speed, Aperture, and ISO do and how they affect the final image.

Throughout the site, you will see Challenges. These are assignments I recommend completing because they will help develop skills critical to your growth as a sports photographer.

Now, let’s learn about sports photography!

Nikon D750 | 14-24mm f/2.8 @ 24mm | 1/2000 | f/4 | ISO 100
Shot for RIT SportsZone